Rosy Goat Farm


 Certified Naturally Grown

 Free Range Chevreau.

 (Chevreau is goat meat)

 $9 per pound, price varies per cut.

 Subject to availability.

  Not available


 Pastured Pork.

 $5.75 hanging weight per pound, price varies by cut.

Contact us for pricing and availability.

 Piglets for sale, $150.

 Free Range Chicken.

 $6 per pound, price varies per cut.

 $30 for whole chicken -available in the Fall.

 Free Range Pastured Turkey.

 $7 per pound

 Not available

 Muscovy Duck

  $7 per pound

  $90 for whole duck

  Breeding pair $40.

 Goat Milk

 $10 per quart

 Not available

 Goat Cheese.

  Creamy goat cheese: $6 per 4 oz


  $5 a pound.


  $5 a pound


  Chicken: $5.00 for a dozen

  Duck: $10 a dozen (only available in the Spring and Summer)

  Our eggs are fertile, you could hatch them in an incubator.

 Garlic Scape Pesto  (seasonal)

 $5 per jar

 Blackberry / honey Jam

 $6 per 4oz jar


 $ per pound


 Blackberries $5 a pint

 Black Raspberries $5 a pint

 Elderberries ask ahead for prices.

 Raspberries $5 a pint

And from the garden, we will have garlic, asparagus, rhubarb, herbs, edible flowers, and tomatoes.